New Pump Clips and Beer Labels at Trinity Ales

Here at Trinity, our pump clip and bottle label designs have remained the same for over half a decade.  So the time seemed right to get creative and treat them to a revamp. The images on the labels we thought would look even better a little bigger, so that the fine detail of the designs would stand out even more. Inspired by the thought of what we could achieve, sketch pad and pencils were pulled out of the drawer and a lively design session was quickly underway.

The first modification was to give both the pump clips and the bottle labels a new background. For that we have used a close up image of the round tower stone work of Holy Trinity Church, just down the lane from the brewery. It provides a great textured background and brings us another link to where the brewery found its name.

There has always been the thought in the back of our minds that our bottles should have a neck label. Bottles don’t seem properly “dressed” without one! So after a little reworking of our original logo and moving things about a bit, we have come up with the elliptical logo incorporating the Trinity shield and brewery name.

If you are familiar with the old bottle labels, you will recall they were of a full wrap round style. With the new design we have changed to a front and back label. This gives us more space to inform you about our products.

With the pump clips we were still keen to maintain the shape of a shield. So have simply added the new logo to the top. The new style really stands out on the pump handles and has already had some great reviews and favourable comments.

So there you have a brief outline of the new pump clips and bottle labels. If you have any views about the new style we would love to hear them, so please contact us and let us know your  thoughts. We would like you to be as passionate about our beers as we are passionate about brewing them!





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More pump clips coming soon…