The Trinity Ales Shield

Capture logo for glass by Liz

The Trinity Ales Shield originates from a leisurely walk down the lane to Holy Trinity Church. The church is a fine example of a Saxon round tower church which the majority of are situated in Suffolk and Norfolk, with a handful in the counties of Essex, Sussex, Cambridgeshire and Berkshire.

Suffolk has 38 of them and Norfolk 128.

We were in the process of trying to find a symbol which was suitable for the brewery. Looking up at the door of the church, we saw the ancient carving depincting the Holy Trinity, weathered and worn over the centuries.

In an instant, the brewery had its identity in the form of the same shield.

Our Holy Trinity being the following :

  • water from our own ancient well,
  • hops from the farms of Suffolk,
  • barley from the surrounding fields.

The coloured circles in our shield represent :

  • blue for the water
  • green for the hops
  • yellow for the barley

These all come together to show the gold circle in the centre of the shield which, of course, represents our range of fine ales.