The Trinity Ales story

Trinity Ales was established in 2007, following as it is often the case a conversation over a pint of ale with friends. Our seat for the impromptu pause in gardening was the top of the old well.

One small throw away remark “I bet this well water could make great beer!” struck a chord and stuck in the back of our Master brewer’s mind. “It would indeed make a lovely brew.”

Trial brewing commenced of small batches of distinctive beers using the crystal clear waters from some 12 metres down under the Gisleham soil.

There was only one direction the brewing process could go. As quick as ales were produced, they were whisked away and consumed with great satisfaction.

In 2009, a four barrel plant was successfully commissioned and put into service. The first brew runs being christened “Wishing Well” in honour of the source of the ale and “Gisleham Gold”, our gold being the golden ears of Marris Otter barley with which our Master brewer used to brew with.

The name “Trinity Ales” came naturally on top of the list of suggestions, as only a few yards down the lane stands the village Church of Gisleham, Holy Trinity. HolyTrinity is a fine Saxon example with the distinctive round tower. The site of the brewery once was the location of some small dwellings called Church Cottages and were inhabited by the poor of the village. The link was perfect and Trinity Ales was born.


Trinity Ales today

From the small experimental brews in 2007 where the water was trialed with different hop varieties through to the present day, Trinity Ales has quietly grown at a steady pace. Our Master brewer goes to great lengths to source local ingredients whenever possible. He is always on the lookout for ingredients to ensure real ale miles are kept to the minimum.

Many craft breweries are singing the praises of hop varieties and barley malts from far away lands. We have a great history of producing fine hops and barley here in England, so why look further afield when great products are on your doorstep? Here at Trinity, we can often see from the brewhouse window a bare field of finely tilthed soil sown with barley seed, then as the seasons pass, watch a carpet of healthy green shoots appear and stand in neat straight lines. We may not know every ear of barley by name, but we have certainly kept a watchful eye on it over the months and look forward to harvest time when those golden ears can pay a visit to the brew house.

In the early days, water was drawn from the well by hand, but as the beers have become more popular, our brewer’s assistant has been treated with a state of the art pump to drawn the water from 12 metres up to the brewhouse. The only one who seems to feel hard done by is the brewery cat Balthazar, who used to curl up on the well shutters and be mesmerized at the handle being turned and the appearance of the bucket. However, Balthazar should not feel too hard done by as now he has the handle of the labelling machine to watch turning. We are sure he has a sixth sense as to when bottling operations are to be done, as he can then be seen padding his front paws in an old cardboard box to watch the process.


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More photos of our products coming soon.